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David was an absolute pleasure to work on our home addition project. He showed us many options and floor plans that would work for our budget. His professionalism and ability to work in a timely fashion was on point. Their staff is very friendly and kind, they even worked around our tough schedules. I would definitely hire him as an architect for future projects! 



d.a.kinsella is a company of professionals with a perfect customer oriented service. For a construction project in Central Asia d.a.kinsella prepared an outstanding design for a VIP house units compound. Mr. David Kinsella strictly followed all established agreements, and made thorough research on the area to adjust design to local climate and overall environment. We the had great experience working with d.a.kinsella company.

We have a 1955 ranch-style house with 3 bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, and living/dining room that we moved into in 1995. We had been looking to add a second bathroom and had originally worked with an architect from NH to do a modest front and rear bump out to give us more room to fit in a second bathroom.  This architect had to withdraw from the job and recommended David Kinsella of dak.  David initially made some modest changes to the plan that made sense.  After some further discussion, in which my wife and I raised the possibility of a larger scale project to modernize the style of the house, David developed a plan that essentially rebuilt the house except for our previously remodeled kitchen and original foundation.  This new plan converted our house into modern design with a more open floor plan,. completely new roof line, loft space, re-finished basement (and the second bathroom).  David was able to fit this into an only slightly expanded footprint in order to comply with town regulations.  Throughout the process, David kept our budget in mind and would typically present different price options for us to choose from to allow us to come up with a reasonable comprise between prices with style.  In addition dak worked with the town to make sure our design stayed within our zoning and conservation restrictions.

After deciding to go ahead with the project, we interviewed several contractors and decided that dak brought us the best value for our money and would also allow David to oversee the project as needed.  We started the project in June 2011 and completed the project in May 2012. The project did take several months longer than expected, but did stay on budget.  The major problem that occurred that delayed the project was that in the summer of 2011, the original subcontracted framers were being sent to other jobs by their boss even though dak was told they would be coming to our job. Other times they would show up for an hour, collect some equipment and then leave for the day.  Hence, instead of working full time on our job, they were working less than half time. Also, this first group of framers was slobs leaving food wrappers and construction debris in our front yard despite that a dumpster was 50 feet away.  Several times they left the front door unlocked and in generally did not show much regard for the fact that we were still living in the house.  We requested that dak replace these framers, but this did not happen right away, perhaps due to contractual obligations. Nonetheless, dak eventually did fire them and find a new contractor to step in by the beginning of September 2011. 

 By this point the house was still not completely framed and roofed and some windows were not installed yet. Then a number of rain storms (including hurricane Irene) slowed down progress further.  In addition, we heard that the some of the work done by the original framers had to be re-done.  By mid-October we were still living in part of the house, but without heat, so we agreed at this point to move out to allow for a more efficient work flow.  From this point construction generally proceeded ahead, except for a few delays do to weather and scheduling conflicts that arose for other subcontractors, no doubt due to the significant delay caused by the no-show framers.

In the end the house is beautiful and works for us better than we could have imagined. While the house has not expanded much in terms of square feet, the open floor plan and high ceiling/roof line combined with increased natural lighting gives a much more expansive feeling inside.  From the curb, the house has modern angular green metal roof with cedar siding and one has to look hard to find any resemblance to the original house.

At the completion of the project, dak was very responsive to completing punch-list items and other minor issues that have arisen over the past year.  While my wife and I certainly had stressful times during the renovation (and certainly did a lot of second guessing our decision to renovate rather than move), we always felt that David had a personal interest in getting the job done correctly and making sure that we were happy in the end.  In that regard, David was very accessible by email or phone before, during, and after the work.  In summary, David Kinsella provided the creativity to design a renovation plan that was truly transforming for our house and dak was then able to see the plan through to successful completion.






d.a.kinsella is a company of professionals with a perfect customer oriented service. For a construction project in Central Asia d.a.kinsella prepared an outstanding design for a VIP house units compound. Mr. David Kinsella strictly followed all established agreements, and made thorough research on the area to adjust design to local climate and overall environment. We the had great experience working with d.a.kinsella company.

Working with David was a pleasure, he has a good understanding of architecture and business and certainly knows the value of a well-conceived project.

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Finished framing on outside of home

Staircase during the

renovation process

David and his company did our house remodel. The one thing I didn't think was going to work he explained would be the most cost effective and it turned out beautifully. He came up with ideas and if we wanted any changes he was professional and incorporated them into the master plan. He was available for questions and they finished ahead of schedule and we knew what everything cost and if there was a change it was immediately brought to our attention. We are thinking about doing our kitchen over and will use him again. I have nothing but nice things to say about him.

Related Management selected d.a.kinsella company to complete a 7 million dollar renovation project in Lowell, MA. The development is known as Westminster Village Apartments and includes 36 residential buildings, comprised of 437 studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units, an existing Community Center Building, 12 site structures situated on a 26 acre site.  Project funding sources mandated fully accessible buildings and site improvements including full compliance with:

Massachusetts Architectural Access Board (MAAB),
American with Disabilities Act (ADA),
Uniform Federal Access Code (UFAS), and
Division of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) regulations. 

To implement accessibility requirements site wide dak surveyed the existing site and buildings to obtain the level of compliance and conditions of the existing building and site. dak designed the construction of new and renovated existing handicap ramps, curb cuts, accessible routes, accessible parking spaces for cars and vans. Building design and evaluation consisted of surveying and making 20 existing barrier free units comply with the mandate in addition to the creation of 2 new barrier free units. The community center was also brought into compliance.

 dak produced multiple studies of the Community Center to accommodate the design program, accessibility requirements and bring the renovation and expansion within budget. They achieved this by evaluating site conditions and made recommendations which allowed the scope to be tailored to budget.  dak was asked to complete an evaluation of the interior and exterior of the 37 residential buildings and systems for code compliance, existing condition, life expectancy, deterioration and recommend renovations.

The evaluation of existing building envelopes included:  walls, windows, balconies, brick veneer and cavity wall construction, and roofs. Corrective measures where needed to repair: deteriorated wood siding, water infiltration of exterior walls, mold mitigation, stress cracks in masonry, pointing, shoddy masonry work, rotted exterior deck framing, and damaged or missing flashing. Code issues addressed included rail heights and lateral forces that were required to be met, as well as enhanced energy improvements to the building envelope. Additional insulation was added to the exterior while maintaining roof flashing. Drainage at entries was addressed by adding new hoods and gutters-this was done to reduce slip and fall hazards, maintenance, erosion and correct decay. Security in the stair hall was improved with the addition of lighting and glazing at entry doors and an intercom buzzer and electric magnetic locks.

Renovation of the residential building interiors consisted of 410 units, common corridors and entry stairs.
Common corridors and entry stair upgrades included new carpet, tread and nosings, handrail upgrade to meet code, energy star lighting and paint. Unit interiors included: Kitchen cabinet replacement, painting, flooring, correction of crossed electrical circuits, GFI upgrades, and dedicated appliance circuits, selective appliance replacement, Bathrooms included, selective replacement of tub shower surrounds, flooring, vanity cabinets, medicine cabinets and energy star lighting upgrade.    

 During the permitting process, dak interacted with the municipality, the magnitude of the renovations, a number of inspections and permits. dak conceived a plan to simplify the scope of work and created a unit matrix to allow the city to understand the magnitude of the task to be undertaken.

dak communicated with Related throughout the project and assisted us in evaluating specific design considerations,  details and specification that impacted the overall budget;  provided numerous solutions for value engineering; was insightful during  construction- identifying OSHA issues, coordinating with City Officials, funding representatives, Related ‘s clerk of the works and the contractor. We feel that dak represented our interest throughout the construction process and dak proved to be consistent and positive throughout project which made this a successful project.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Dave Kinsella on a renovation project for a business venture called The Space, a recording and rehearsal studio in Lowell Massachusetts.  The building slated for renovations was an old wood and brick structure connected to one of Lowell’s oldest mills.  The space had to be totally gutted due to mold and water damage, sandblasted, and rebuilt. 

The project called for five rehearsal rooms, a recording studio and control room, an open lobby area with a café and two bathrooms. All this in five thousand square feet of usable space. As The Space is a musically oriented facility, its interior design had to incorporate various structural considerations to make it acoustically sound.  It also had to look professional and be appealing to musicians. 

It was an ambitious project and we bid the job out to several architectural firms in the area.  Of all the firms we approached, we found Dave’s company, d. a. kinsella company, to be the best fit for the project.  

Dave was enthused by our project, willing to listen to suggestions, and was priced competitively.   After careful analysis, he came up with the initial design, and architectural plans which required very little tweaking for final acceptance.  Dave also acted as a consultant as to the procedures and requirements for filing permits and securing inspections. 

I would recommend Dave highly for any such project and look forward to working with him on our next project.
Robert Nista – Partner

The Space









I would like to submit the following text for posting on your website in the "testimonails" pages. Discovering the David A. Kinsella Company was the most satisfying and rewarding experience my wife and I benefited from during a very stressful recent summer event involving destructive workmanship in our townhouse attic. A recommended "handyman" was hired this past June to do the basic job of laying plywood flooring in our attic, simply for storage space. You wouldn't think you would have to hire a licensed professional to complete such a simple basic task. The contractor's we had previously contacted did not want to be bothered with such an unworthy task. So we hired a "highly" touted "jack of all trades" (so our neighbors told us). It was our misfortune though that this handyman turned a fundamental carpentry chore into a home owners structural nightmare. This is a long story so I won't go into the specifics here . But I want to say that David Kinsella and his associates were a "god-send" providing their professional expertise. David did a thorough detailed report citing the damaging work including building codes compromised and then his "team" followed up with a restoration job that corrected the floor joist damage. David himself personally came out to my home in late July and looked over the attic aftermath with me. Three days later I received his completed three page report. (Yeah, I did mention the words thorough and detailed....what a great report......didn't miss a beat). David's report went a long way towards the documentation my wife and I needed to receive the insurance indemnity payment due us for the "handyman's" faulty and perilous work. The Kinsella company then performed further services for us. The corrective job his son and nephew did in the attic just two weeks ago restored the structural damage. Their work included laying back down the plywood sheets they had to remove to do the necessary repairs. (All this on a 90 degree day outside). Many things stand out about David Kinsella and his employee's. In my estimation they are true "throw backs" to a more innocent period in America. David is very down to earth and explains his points of evaluation in layman's terms. The day his son and nephew arrived to do the corrective attic work, they took every precaution moving the vast wooden beams up into the attic. They were very polite, courteous young men who did their work effortlessly. And the prices charged for their top notch services probably deserve the highest praise. "So very reasonable". By far. We talked with several contractor's and structural engineers and came away shaking our heads. Not so with David and his company. Their courtesy, their work and their prices can not be beat in my book.